Spa Treatment Menu :: Massages

Complimentary with all treatments

  • Signature Nimbu Pani - Ayurvedic beverage
  • Complimentary non-alcoholic beverage
  • A session on our post-treatment relaxation room on our heated water massage bed
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • 12m heated indoor pool
  • Rain forest hot & cold shower
  • Access to gym
  • Access to outdoor relaxation area
  • Your therapist can recommend the option most suited to your specific needs

    Four Hands Massage

    ZAR 2200pp | 60 min
    A thoroughly unique massage by two therapists using hands, fingers, elbows and forearms to relieve stress and tension, increase lymph function and provide an overall feeling of well-being. You can choose which area of the body to focus on.

    Banguranyika Experience (Explorer) - Pezula Signature experience

    ZAR 1867pp | 120 min
    A full body exfoliation to eliminate dead surface cells, impurities and to improve circulation. This treatment is followed by our Signature African Phumla Massage.

    Pezula's Phumla Massage (Relaxing) - Pezula Signature experience

    ZAR 1588pp | 90 min
    Pezula's Signature African drumbeat experience includes stretching, deep kneading, foot massage and pressure point scalp massage. This rhythmic experience is orchestrated using a rich textured synergy of highly effective oil blends. The combination of invigorating massage therapies improves circulation and alleviates muscular tension.

    Hot Stone Massage

    ZAR 1453pp | 75 min
    Using volcanic mineral stones, we heat and relax muscles, allowing a deeper massage to the core of the muscle.

    Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

    ZAR 1160pp | 60 min
    A unique blend of deep tissue massage therapy techniques designed specifically for stress reduction and relaxation.

    Pezula Colour Balancing Candle Massage

    ZAR 1342pp | 75 min
    (Duration includes candle selection)
    A sensorial full body massage with an aromatic fragrance and colour of your choice. A soy based candle is used to light up your treatment room releasing aromatherapeutic scents, followed by your soothing massage with the soy wax drizzled from the candle, rich in skin nourishing nutrients.

    Pezula Aromatherapy Massage

    ZAR 1313pp | 60 min
    Combining sense of smell with touch, a fragrant head to toe massage totally relaxing the mind and body whilst uplifting the spirit.

    Swedish Massage

    ZAR 1110pp | 60 min
    A restorative massage using regulated pressure, long strokes and kneading. This relaxing and invigorating massage immediately improves circulation, eases muscular aches and tension, increases flexibility while promoting health and wellbeing.

    Stress Relief Massage

    ZAR 1110pp | 60 min
    Concentrating on all the specific pressure points, this 60 minute back, neck, head and foot massage encourages the body to release all muscular tension.

    Sports Massage

    ZAR 1110pp | 60 min
    A massage using stretching techniques, recommended for active people. Eliminates aches and tightness found in the various muscle groups.


    ZAR 958pp | 60 min
    Originating in Asia, this pressure-point massage focuses on nerve locations on your feet, corresponding to specific organs and areas of your body. Thumb and finger pressure releases tension, allowing energy and healing to flow to the affected reflex zone - balancing the body as a whole.

    Magauta Massage

    ZAR 1110pp | 60 min
    For future “mothers-of-gold” to pamper, relax and prepare for her new born. Specifically selected essential blends rich in omega oils are designed to maintain suppleness, skin tone and aid in relaxation.


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